Thursday, 14 January 2021

Ciara Covers SELF Magazine's First Edition For 2021

The singer, dancer, and mother of three graced the cover in chunky rope twists that fell over her shoulder. She wore a plaid blazer that featured large spikes on the back and shoulders.

In the caption, SELF magazine wrote, “@ciara is our January cover star! ⭐️ In her interview with @letashy, the singer, mother, and businesswoman discusses stepping up to the challenges she’s faced throughout the pandemic—which include making sure her kids keep up with remote learning, launching several business projects, and, you know, giving birth. “I literally made my first push with Win and then [my obstetrician] was like, ‘She needs a mask on. Get a mask on,’” Ciara tells SELF. “My mask was pretty good. I could still breathe alright through it, so that was good. But it was like, ‘Wow. This is crazy. I’m having to deliver a baby with a mask. What in the world?’”

Ciara has been celebrating consecutive wins over the last couple of years. She recently announced her progress since she joined the Weight Watchers team as a brand ambassador. After giving birth to her third child in July, the singer lost 28 of her 50 lbs goal. She also launched her fashion house, The House of Love, Respect and Care, a philanthropic mission that donates to causes that support individuals, communities and positive initiatives focused on inclusivity, environmental responsibility and social justice.

Courtesy of: SELF, Hello Beautiful, Ciara
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