Sunday, 15 November 2020

Lyrics: I Be The Koko by Ghod Gorgon

Yo bro that chick rocking Givenchy is giving me the naughty eye, it's 2Gs she don't know.

 "I, I be the koko I be tha I be tha I be the koko I be the shit" X2

Verse 1: 
I be the koko fly as han solo
These star wars fit get a brother going loco
Jams got the kick Lee to the Poko
say she die for me I'm screaming out Yolo

Pass me the choko let it burn slow-mo
My goons all masked up looking like zoro
Hit you with that chrom bro ofio on promo
Now you drip drip like say them pour you Zobo

Light up the loud......boy this is my hit
ghosting your chick she call me St Patrick
Asking for money? you coming in static
I call her Claro one hit and i pass it

I be the koko e be the things
D so sweet I made the fat lady sing (2X)

Verse 2:
Now who DO you know got flows like this 
Boys actin fly cos they know I'm the shit
You know I keep it blunt so these rappers wan hit
Put your boy on a leash tell your dog take a sit

shake with the hand I made your girl cum with
Bae to the U team "fuck shi'
We smoke that grade I call toxic
Central Bank sitting up inna nigga pocket

See all the zeros you fit kick the bucket
Egbon in the building these kids should prostrate
Clinical precision we too dey operate
Boy, Boy We eating good while your crew dey wash plate

I like to party like burna boy 
Tooley in the fit I got the burna boy
E too dey form lit I will burn ya boy
I'm a big fish you are Jonah boy

"I be the koko I be tha I be that I be the koko I be the shit" x 4

Yo bricks 20 missed call from this girl and 5 from her boyfriend, homeboys trying to know who the koko is, e never know say men olympus has falling....its 2G's.
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