Thursday, 12 November 2020

Healthy Meals For A Healthy And Good-Smelling Virgina

Did you know that what you eat can affect down there? If you eat strong smelling food like onions and garlic, it can affect the smell of your Virgina.

However, these are not the only foods that are good for your vagina. Here are some foods you need to keep in your diet for the general health of your vagina.

  1. Green tea

Green tea contains polyphenolic catechins which usually kill the E. coli bacteria, that is responsible for causing UTIs. The caffeine in the green tea is also helpful in easing PMS. Just make sure not to over do the green tea as it can lead to liver complications.

  1. Yoghurt

Yoghurt contains probiotics that are great in promoting healthy vaginal microflora. This in turn helps prevent infections such as bacterial vaginosis, UTIs and yeast infections. Yoghurt also contains calcium that can help with improving PMS symptoms.

  1. Whole grain, legumes and vegetables

Legumes, vegetables and whole grains are foods rich in fiber. Taking sufficient amounts of fiber helps foster good bacteria in your bowel. Since most of the bacteria that comes in contact with your vagina is from the colon, it is important that you keep your vagina healthy by keeping your colon healthy.

  1. Apples

An apple a day leads to better sexual function in women. This includes your ability to get aroused, your ability to orgasm and sexual satisfaction. All this is made possible by a phytoestrogen found in apples known as phloridzin.

  1. Oily fish

Vitamin D and omega fatty acids are nutrients that are crucial for your general health and the health of your heart. Taking foods such as salmon will give you a healthy dose of these nutrients. Food that is good for your heart is also good for your sexual health as it helps with arousal and promotes the flow of blood to the area below the belt.

  1. Fruits

If you eat two or more fruit servings daily, you’re are 11% less likely to suffer from uterine fibroids which are responsible for pelvic pain and irregular bleeding. This is in comparison to those who eat less than two servings of fruit per week.

  1. Water

It is important to stay hydrated in order to maintain a moist and lubricated vaginal area. This will generally help you in getting and staying more aroused.

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