Saturday, 10 October 2020

When Shouldn't You Turk In?

Well, when to tuck in or not is also very dependent on the kind of shirt you are wearing or even your whole outfit and also, some items that should never be tucked in or left untucked and also the different ways to tuck in.

Before it gets confusing, let’s appreciate those people who can wear anything, how they want it and still look amazing regardless of how they dress up. 

1. It is advisable not to tuck in a top that’s too long. Some of our tops or shirts have stretched out so bad that when we tuck in it’s almost the length of your skirt or shows fold lines on your pants. The best way to wear this top is to pair it with tights or have it trimmed.

2. Do not tuck in a shirt with a Chinese collar. This might actually make you look very awkward. Most of these shirts have a perfect length to be left untucked and because they are more of a casual look they can be paired with both jeans and khaki pants. It’s best to leave them untucked to give you a fresh look.

3. T-shirts can be paired with a nice blazer to achieve a smart formal look. But on normal occasions please don’t tuck in your shirt unless you want to look like your old man. No offense.

4. Don’t tuck in shirts or tops that are shorter than the normal length. There is nothing as uncomfortable as having to tuck in every single minute of the day because your shirt keeps on untucking with the slightest movement you make. I know some of these shirts are our favorites but probably it’s time to get a new one that actually fits perfectly.

5. Do not tuck in shirts or tops with a thick bottom part. This might create a pouch effect and make your whole outfit look uneven. You can have the hem reduced in size by your tailor or if it looks nice untucked then dress it up untucked.

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