Saturday, 10 October 2020

When Should You Tuck In?

Everyone has a style that works for them there is no doubt about that.

But what are the fashionistas opinion on tucking in or not tucking in your shirt? I am one of those people who almost always have their shirts tucked in. So, let’s see if we have been doing this wrong all our lives. Maybe this will give our style the fresh new look we have always been trying to achieve.

It’s advisable to tuck in official shirts to achieve a smart official look. Imagine walking into a meeting with an untucked shirt. This will make you look disorganized and might actually distract your audience. In case you have been wondering why you can’t close deals, there goes your answer.

Beach shirts are the tropical print shirts commonly worn on vacation. This is one of the most versatile tops that can look good both tucked or untucked. You can even achieve the one side tuck with this shirt depending on what you have paired it with.

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