Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Fashion Trends 2020 Came With

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, businesses have been closed and most people have been forced to stay home and for a moment the world was at a standstill.

Even though the year started with a raw deal, for the fashion industry trends are still hitting the streets forcing fashion lovers to keep up with the trends as usual. Whether simply on social media or the streets, fashion cannot be stopped.

In case you were wondering some of the accessories trending this season, buckle up, the list is long. Here are the current fashion trends you might have missed on the streets:

Square toe strappy sandals

We’ve had many trends, but this one has yet to be named one of the best. Say goodbye to the backbreaking high heels and welcome these comfortable sleek square toe strappy sandals.

With a myriad of colours, these sandals are not only super comfortable but they elongate your legs and create an amazing silhouette for any outfit you choose.

Layered statement necklaces

Although this trend has been here for a long time, it is currently taking the centre stage and making outfits look amazing. Even I as a guy fancy layered statement necklaces.

If you want to look unique and chic, complete your outfit with this amazing statement layered necklace and watch your look go from basic to chic.

Soft clutches

If you are on social media, you will notice most ladies are all over this new craze. This bag is not only sleek but its soft nature makes it the ultimate bag for this season, considering the fact most photos or memories are being made behind closed doors due to the pandemic. The best thing about this bag is that, it is small yet spacious enough to carry more than one thing.

Wide statement belts

Are you struggling to accessorize your wardrobe pieces? Well this is the trend that you should be looking out for.

Try matching any ensemble with this trendy belt and see how it makes your outfit look more edgy and in style. This statement belt is meant to sit along the waist meaning it will give you the perfect hour glass shape while it elevates your outfit, talk of killing two birds with one stone.

Padded decorated headbands

Anybody ready to feel like a girl in kindergarten again? This is the accessory for you this season.

Turn your bad hair days with this padded decorated headband and watch it work its magic. Although these headbands is an age old trend, the current additions with pearls and diamonds are making it all worth trying.

Oversized D-Frame sunglasses

With every season comes a sunglasses trend that whooshes the fashion scene by storm, last season it was the cat-eyed sunglasses and this season dominating the scene are these oversized D-Frame sunglasses and yes they are huge.

You either go big or go home. These big and bold sunglasses have been spotted everywhere and as seen on social media everyone wants a piece of them.

Courtesy of Eve

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