Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Home Remedies That Help With Swollen Feet And Ankles

Have you ever looked down at your ankles and feet, hardly recognizing them as your own because they are so swollen? Whether from long days on your feet, travel or surgery, it happens. Trust me, if you live in Lagos(Nigeria) you are most likely to have your Feet's swollen from long traffic hours.

Below are few remedies, you can practice to help with the swells.

1. Compression socks

 Available at your local drug store, shoe store or online, compression socks provide pain relief and prevent fluid collection in your legs, ankles and feet. They come in light, medium and heavy weights, so be sure you select a pair that isn’t too tight for your body. 

2.Epsom salt.

 Soak your feet and ankles for 15 to 20 minutes in a cool bath filled with Epsom salts to relieve swelling-associated pain. If you have diabetic neuropathy in your feet, check the water with your hands first to avoid exposing your feet to extreme temperatures.

3. Drinking Water

Drink eight to 10 glasses of water daily.Drinking less actually promotes swelling.

4. Exercise. 

Sitting or standing in one place for too long can increase swelling. Move your knees, and flex and extend your ankles for relief. Consider swimming, as well, because it’s a non-weight-bearing exercise that can also soothe the skin.

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