Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Alicia Keys Covers Rollacoaster

The music superstar appears on the cover of the latest issue of Rollacoaster, where she talks her new album, ‘Alicia,’ and more.

The singer reveals why she chose the name ‘Alicia’ for her upcoming album, saying:

I think that over time, I just really recognized and got more comfortable in willing to express the other sides of who I am and the different parts that make me a whole. I’ve been so much more comfortable expressing those different sides and I believe that all those sides together is what makes me Alicia and I’m proud of all of those sides, and so all of those sides are reflected in music.They’re reflected in the sonic, in the lyrics, in the words, in the emotions – all of that. That’s why I feel more closer to myself. This is who Alicia is and that’s why I definitely feel it’s the right time to name it after my own name.”

The GRAMMY winner also dished on what it was like working with fellow R&B singer Khalid for their song So Done saying:

“I just love his genuine energy, and it feels like he really speaks from a place that’s just his own experience and his own truth. I’ve been so excited for him to get the appreciation and the love from being himself that he deserves. I’ve always admired that about him and so we connected and I said ‘Man, wouldn’t it be so good if we did some writing together?'”

An album is not the only thing that the ‘No One’ singer is gearing up to release. She is readying the launch of her anticipated beauty brand with e.l.f. 

Keys is set to release her album later this year, while her skincare line is eyeing a 2021 launch.

Source: That Grape Juice

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