Monday, 13 July 2020

Maintaining Natural Hair Isn't Expensive. -Tina Oliseh

Hair Pro and YouTuber, Tina Oliseh has shut down claims saying maintaining natural hair is expensive.

In a recent interview with FIB, Tina explains the pros and cons of maintaining  natural hair on a low budget.

Is Natural Hair Expensive To Maintain?

You don't have to go broke because of maintaining natural hair or keeping it. Natural hair is not expensive to maintain. The reason why people think so is because most natural hair products are expensive and its depends on which and what brand you are getting. In fact, influencers also make people believes so too.

How Can You Maintain Natural Hair On Low Budget
First, Understand Your Hair: There are different hair types, understanding your hair will help you know the product that works for you best.

Secondly, Be Organic As You Can: Rather than going for chemical based products which are more expensive, organic products are better and they help the hair grow and reduce hair damage and breakage. Its no secret that I talk about ingredients the hair needs on my YouTube Channel and the DIY(Do It Yourself) of organic products.

 Also, Know Your Tools: You don't have to have hair tools like you run a salon. In maintaining your natural hair all you need is a good shampoo, deep conditioner, oil, moisturizing cream, protein treatment- all brands you can trust. Including, spray bottle for water and a wide tooth comb.

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