Monday, 15 June 2020

You Can't Go Wrong With White Over Blue

If there's a trend that can't go into extinction, the fashion of white shirt on blue jeans should be considered. The fashion statement has no restriction and is welcomed to any function. You might have already witnessed and admired various versions of white shirt and blue jeans outfits.

This combination has endless potential and is rather versatile. You can never go wrong with blue jeans white shirt and they go hand in hand for men as well as women. This combination is gender neutral and can make you look like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day.

 Often times, we are "wardrobe confused" as to what to wear to an occasion. Just add a white shirt to your collection, and you will always be good to go.  It offers timeless, effortless sophistication in all seasons without going ever out of style. With white shirt blue jeans men can always flaunt sheer elegance while attending a casual work meeting or a romantic date night.

 Jeans are flexible with the trends. Various fashion may come and go but you can always experiment with a new look which includes denim. You may add smart accessories to your outfits such as a watch and a comfortable footwear to upgrade the look. 

Source: Google, Pinterest, Bewakoof

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