Saturday, 20 June 2020

How Well Can You Name Your Shoes?

From Stilettos to Ballerina flats, not all shoes are called high heels and flat shoes. They've got names too.

The right pair doesn't just adorn your outfit, it gives "You" compliment as well. That's why knowing the type of shoes you're wearing is considered Classic. 

In no particular Order,

1. Stilettos
2. Pumps
3. Kitten Heels
4. Cone Heels
5. Slingback heels
6. Ankle Strap Heels
7. Spool Heels
8. Platform
9. Ankle Boots
10. Wedges
11. Gladiator Sandals
12. Ballerina flats
13. Open Toe
14. Peep toe
15. Mary Jane
16.  Oxford
17. Mules
18. Loafer
19.  Thigh high Boots
20. Trainers

Pictoral Source: Pinterest

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