Thursday, 18 June 2020

Hey Man! Touch Your Toe And Name Your Shoe

There's a saying that says, the first thing someone notice when they meet you for the first time is your shoes.

I remember going to a shoe store and then, a guy walked in and said he wants to buy a pair of shoes. The attendant asked  what type of shoes he wanted and his response was Timberland.

Most men are familiar with brand names but not shoe types. With the right pictorial definition we are able to help you identify shoes by their names.

Roll Call

1. Moccasins
2. Loafers

3. Chelsea

4. Oxford

5. Wingtips

6. Suede Oxford 

7. Boat Shoes

8. Sneakers

9. Trainers

10. Boots
11. Combat
12. Brogue
13. Monk Strap

With these pictorial definition, I hope you don't just know brand names alone but also shoe types.

Pictorial source: Google


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