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Not all face creams are fake. In most cases, you are using the wrong product for your face or you are not applying it properly.
Facial beauty care products should be applied correctly and sparingly. With each procedure dermatologically proven effective, here's our  tips on how to apply your face cream properly.

The use of face cream differs per person, it may be to exfoliate, smoothen the face, prevent wrinkles or fix acnes. Whatever the reason may be, face cream is to be applied moderately. Anything extra can lead to storage of fat thereby leading to pimples and damage of skin cells.


The best time to apply your face cream is at night before sleeping. Facial beauty products must be applied after washing your face with a mild soap and allowing your face to air-dry or cleaning with a facial tissue(Not your body towel).


Applying your face cream properly is a simple process and making it a routine will make your product effective. Here's how;
1. Put a moderate amount on your finger and apply on your nasal bridge,
2. Apply from your nasal bridge upwards to your forehead, slowly,
3. From your forehead, gently apply to the sides of your forehead,
4. Apply to your brows and eyes in a circular motion,
5. Back to your nasal bridge, massage gently to the nostrils and temples,
6. Apply from your temples to the upper lips and  cheeks,
7. Massage your lower lip with cream till it reaches your chin,
8. Moderately apply below the chin and downwards,
9. Repeat process until full coverage of the face.

Post Application

After application, remember not to touch your face. The process can be used for other facial products also.

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