Thursday, 12 March 2020

Naomi Campbell Is Taking No Chances With Her Safety Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Naomi Campbell has got a knack for cleanliness while travelling and if you follow her on social media, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Last year, the supermodel made headlines when she shared a video of her “airport routine” and if you thought that seemed a little too extra, just wait until you see how she’s upped her game following the coronavirus outbreak.

She may be known for her timeless sense of style, but on Tuesday, Naomi made a very different kind of fashion statement, sharing a photo of herself in a full decontamination suit, complete with plastic goggles and a surgical mask.

“Safety first,” she wrote on Instagram, and to prove she wasn’t joking around, this was then followed by additional photos of her in the airport and onboard a plane. The supermodel also teased that a “full video” was set to be posted on her YouTube channel, so we can see how Naomi really handles flying internationally amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

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