Wednesday, 19 February 2020

10 Beauty Rules To Live By For A Healthy Skin

As a Beauty Therapist, I am often asked about what rules should be followed as regards beauty or during your skincare routine, well...

To me I do feel some of the beauty musts are already outdated! However I do think there are few general and logical rules everyone  should follow to get he best out of  their skincare routine and to enhance their overall beauty!

Here at 10 basic rules that everyone should try to follow!

sleeping in makeup is bad for you, bad for your skin, eyes and even your pillowcase. If you can spend an hour putting makeup on, then you can spare less than 2mins to take it off.

2. Only use your PINKIE finger to apply lotion or cream around your eyes. This finger is the weakest, using it will help you avoid pressing too much or pulling too hard on the skin around your eyes.

3. Take care of your EYEBROWS. Your eyebrows are there for a reason, they help define your eyes, not grooming your eyebrow leaves your face unshaped and that doesnt look great. When you groom your brows they add more definition to your face and help to lift it. (However, make sure they at groomed to fit your face type).

4. STAY OUT OF the SUN! As much as you can, always stay out of the sun . I keep saying this in my posts. It's really important to avoid the sun. Avoid direct sunlight from 9am to 4pm and always wear protective clothings and a SUNSCREEN if you cannot avoid the sun.

5. Always have a Doctor, dermatologist and a hair stylist you can trust. These people are essential part of your beauty life, you can't do it all alone! You need a doctor who can always help you check your health as this reflect on your skin and in turn your beauty, you need a dermatologist to help you check and sort out all your skin issues and complexion changes as this also has a tag on your health and a hair stylist when you need a hair cut or need to style your hair, your hair stylist gets your skin and hair and knows what works best for you.

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7. Don't be afraid to take beauty risks. Don't be stuck with one beauty routine, identify what works for you and be ready to explore. Skin condition changes due to hormones, what works today might not work tomorrow.

8. Always be prepared for emergencies! You never know when an emergency might come in either skin or safety , for me I carry gloves, tweezers and band aids just incase, sometimes it comes in really handy.

9. Love yourself! Never compare yourself to other women, because someone has longer legs or slimmer waist doesn't mean they are more beautiful, real beauty comes from within! The moment you feel ugly inside, then you become ugly on the outside.

10. Smile often! Great thoughts brings smile and a beautiful smile from within makes the skin radiate and beautiful. Always think positive!

see! It's that simple anyone could follow these rules!

By Kebu Joy @fenixtreatint  
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