Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Affordable Pre-wedding Photo Shoot Locations

If you are thinking of pre-wedding photo shoot locations, then congratulations are in order. Hurray! You are getting married!.
Sound it! You are getting married. Instagram must “hear it”. Now, you are probably not actively planning the wedding (that’s okay) but already thinking of your pre-wedding shoot locations and dress codes. Forget the fancy cars and aircraft shoots. You can do a very affordable one and have mind blowing pictures.

People will start following your relationship journey from the proposal. You don’t post proposal videos and pictures to disturb our timelines and not keep us posted on the pre-wedding shoot. It’s an unwritten rule! In fact, post notifications are turned on so we don’t miss a thing.
These 5 pre-wedding photo shoot locations will inspire you and your man.
1. Beaches
It’s easy to say no to beaches as they are overused but we think if you can get creative with your photo shoot direction, you’ll get super cool images.

2. Hotel
Indoor shoots are nice if you have nice backgrounds and props which is why hotels are always a win especially those hotels with fountains and carvings.

3. Park & Conservation Centres
Parks and conservation centers bring you closer to nature and gives your shoot a relaxed and laid back feel.
4. Resorts
Like conservation centers, resorts bring out the playful side of you and your spouse and also adds the beauty of nature to every picture you take.
5. Park
Parks are pretty popular. Choose a nice park that is never rowdy as you don’t want many people’s feet and heads showing in your pre-wedding pictures.

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