Thursday, 5 April 2018

A-list Fashion Designer, Deola Sagoe Presents 'Teintes de Bijoux' An Expression Of Creativity And Craftsmanship

With the benefit of over 15 years of R&D in fashion, the House of Deola presents further evidence of its unparallelled creativity and craftsmanship, in Teintes de Bijoux.

Every bride can be a princess! Every family, royalty! ‘Teintes de Bijoux’ is the latest expression of the Komole range;  a selection of designs for bridal and occasion wear.They draw upon the mood and myths evoked through the ages by royalty, African royalty.

What is the Komole range?

The Komole is an assemblage of designs for bridal and occasional wear drawing upon the mood and romance evoked by royalty and royal weddings through the ages. Komole – which means to dance- is occasion wear.
The Komole assemblage has over 20 years of research and development put into it to achieve this impressive and deep bridal wears for the beautiful African woman. The design combines Aso-oke and lace and in the words of the creator of this beautiful piece,Deola Ade Ojo,“It is not just a parallel to the European lace but a usurper… making the new design even better than the sum of its parts.
There is no need any more to have Aso-oke and a lace outfit as two answers to an occasion’s fashion demands. We have combined both into one and by so doing transcended, making the new creation even better than the sum of its parts.
The new fabric motifs and the fashions that we have formed them into elevate the wearer to royalty level, while still keeping her culturally grounded – I believe that this is what true class and elegance is about, shining in the form of a glow rather than a tinselly shine”.

Teintes de Bijoux

With unerring attention to detail, the rich hues of the Teintes de Bijoux 2018 Collection, adopting laser cut techniques, re-imagines Nigeria’s top drawer traditional woven cloth, ‘Aso-Oke’, with the House of Deola’s distinct motifs.
Woven from tonal yarns to mimic jewel hues, these masterpieces are discreet yet replete with grace, speaking to ethereal grandeur.

Adorned in Komole’s ‘Teintes de Bijoux’,  natural, rare, of great value and irresistible. The collection exudes an elegance that reaffirms Africa’s natural grace.
No two Komole pieces are the same; every piece is made with its own elegantly crafted motif. With colours such as Smint, Rude Amber, Blushed Bronze, Cosmic Copper and Dangerous Ruby, the iridescent jewel tones of the ‘Teintes de Bijoux’ will speak to you and speak of you!


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