Thursday, 25 January 2018

More Than A Yoga Story: Italian Man Marries Nigerian Yoga Instructor!

When I saw the photoshoot for this adorable couple, I thought they were really cute!
It was a yoga-inspired, I hadn’t seen anything like it. In fact, I thought, “are these even Nigerians?’ because yoga is a practice that is yet to spread among us.

Beautiful Bride Inem’s wedding photoshoot I would have looked at it like any other couple you see on one of those wedding pages on Instagram but isn’t love a beautiful thing? This is worth sharing!

Love happens anywhere and everywhere, you just never know! Here’s Alex’s (the groom) story about how love happened. “The summer after I Split with my ex-girlfriend, I got a lower back injury while lifting and squatting in the gym. A physician suggested I needed to stretch more and begin yoga classes to avoid possible future surgery operations.

 At that time I was in a bit of a dilemma since I was living in PHC and I knew that it would have been difficult to find a yoga class there. While doing some research on Instagram, I stumbled on her profile page. I sent her an email to see if it was possible for me and a few people working for the same company to attend a few yoga classes with her.

After chasing her for more than a month, we agreed on the class schedule.
According to him , they this is how the proposal went down. You know how nervous it can be to ask, well read on… ‘More than a year and a half later, we attended a Yoga teacher training course in Bali to become certified teachers. It was a very strenuous training with fifteen hours a day studying and practising. 

The hotel was in the middle of the forest in a very romantic location. One day, we took some time off, we just wanted to have our time and drink a bottle of wine together on our bed before the next class. It was already in my plan to propose in a grand gesture on our graduation day, but while lying in bed, it occurred to me that we had been through a lot together and had experiences that proved that life is too short and one may never see tomorrow. I also remembered what Inem always said, “why leave for tomorrow, what you can do today”.

 In that moment, I decided to take the plunge and ask her to share her life with me forever. It was the perfect moment for us because it was private, there was nobody else, just us two, expressing our true feelings for each other with sincerity and without holding back. It was one of the most amazing days of our lives. Four months later, we had our first wedding in Italy with the help of my family and a beautiful Nigerian wedding a month later. Inem is everything I prayed to God for and more, I know I will never leave her and she will be with me forever. I have loved her more every day from the first day.

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