Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Wizkid’s Style Transition & His Love For Gucci


Wizkid isn’t just Nigeria’s “Starboy” but has upgraded to the “style boy”. It has come to my notice that Wizkid’s fashion has transitioned in a clean sweep in the last 3 years.

Yes, top artistes wear one famous brand or the other but it’s a different ball game when your style is in sync with your personality. From black hair to blonde, turban and now red beret: First off, we could spot him with his signature clean cut but that became a reputation to be forgotten easily. He fell in love with black hoodies and walked with them a lot, he progressed to colourful beanies and fedoras.

 Sadly, that was a trend he dropped off real quick. Star boy needed a more mature reputation other than covering his head with hoodies, beanies or fedoras. He joined the convo of bad boys who wore blonde hair but maintained his clean-cut still. At concerts or every new single Star boy introduced something new to the game. He was done with the blonde hair cut and picked up the turban from then on to his signature red beret! Now, that’s a legit “zaddy”!

From the boy next door in 2013 to a member of the Gucci Gang (2016 to date). We have seen Wizkid transformed from the “holla at your boy kid” to the well-groomed “zaddy” of the Gucci gang. His outfit at the #30billionconcert with Davido said a lot about his style! In 2013, Starboy dropped cropped jeans, snapbacks and chunky neck chains for his signature “Star boy”gold chain and a few pieces. His style went from a 4-10. It keeps us thinking if it was the same stylist he hired since 2013?

2014: In 2014, we could pass that period as a time for experimenting what works best for him. Although he never really was shabby but was quite easy on the eyes. Sometimes, we were clueless about his outfit and sometimes, it just worked out well!

2015: A true “Style boy” was brewing! We saw him go from athleisure style to almost legit street style! Gradually playing it less but keeping it stylish and wearing the best labels.

Take a look at some of his Gucci moments: A hint of Gucci fedora hat in 2016;

Credit - Kamdora.com

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