Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Viral Headwrapped Shoot Looks At The Law That Prevented Black Women From Displaying Their Afro 1786

Get ready because these images are going viral and if you haven’t seen them then get ready to.
In case one wondered why headwraps are so embedded in the African American community, the Tignon law passed in 1786 can speak to that. A caption on the instagram picture stated , It was a law prohibiting black women from displaying their hair out in public simply because of the envy and lust it incited from white men and women. “Beauty was the rebellion, revenge, and the revolution”

Nevertheless, headwrap culture has also run deep in various African communities. It seems this law may have just reinforced it. The shoot which was for a fall collection by the brand AfroQueen American and shot by @sterlingpics, features the two model Models @chantailleelise @_haneshaa and is definitely a sight for sore eyes.

Nevertheless, see all images below

Credit - FashionGhana

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