Saturday, 11 November 2017

The “Fargin Video” By Teni Is Out! Watch Here!


Fargin is a slang which means virgin. Teniola Apata is an up and coming artist who has been using social media to get her talent across to the world.
She talks about the “fargin” experience in her new video which we have all been expecting since she announced it. Teni isn’t like your regular lady with the tiny voice, skirts and sky high heels. She’s a different package altogether. Like your Dj Lambo, she rocks her oversized tees, neat haircut, pants and sneakers.She is not afraid to portray her style in an industry that is in pursuit of sexiness in a woman.

This is her first big project in her music career, she has been busy all along doing some shows here and there, doing Instagram videos but she takes that giant leap to produce her first single “Fargin”. Watch video below

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