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I Will Soon Compete With Big Names In Beauty Business – Omale

] Mary Omatei Omale is a budding beautician based in Makurdi, Benue State capital. Her passion to become a hairdresser began early in life when she started plaiting hair for her mummy and friends.
Apart from her expertise in the beauty profession, Omale also produces hair-care products, which she hopes to export to other countries one day. Excerpts.

Why do you choose to be a beautician?
I chose to be a hairdresser because of the passion I have for it while growing up. When I was about 5 to 6 years old I found myself plaiting and styling mum's hair as well as my friends hair. The whole hair thing has been in me from childhood. Growing up the dream to be a hairstylist was strong with me, and so becoming a hairstylist means this dream will become fulfilled.

You are known to be a fashionista, what determines your dress sense and inspirations?
I got my inspiration from this saying that “looking good is a good business.” That's why I like looking good all the time.
Most of the time, the way you dress is the way you are addressed. I don't think people realize what an impact the first impression has in the immediate moment when you meet someone or the impact it has on their lasting impression of you. Your clothing speaks long before you do; your styles reveal your personality and lifestyle.
What are the challenges since you find yourself in the business?
One of the major problems of fashion and styling business is keeping up with the trend. The trend of fashion and styling are constantly changing. In today's time, in order to be a successful salon owner, you need to be able to keep up to date with what is trending in the beauty industry to be able to advise your clients and meet their expectations.
 Secondly, getting new client and keeping them. Many salon owners are always working on trying to bring a new client which is good, but remember to put your efforts into keeping them.  Other challenges include poor industry ethics, competing with big brand, staffing, income, completion, among others.  
How long have you been in the business?
I have been in the business from my school days, but officially gave it a name in 2010.

What does it take to run a successful beauty parlour?
 It takes passion, zeal, determination, and above all, resources to run a successful beauty parlour.

In the next five years what are we expecting from your brand?
 I don't just see myself doing business only in Nigeria but also exporting my products. I meant competing with other bigger hair industries globally.


How supportive is your husband to the business, for the fact that some men see the business in other way?
I started the hairdressing business before I got married. He was not really in support of my business because of his religious background ‘Deeper Lifer’. When he discovered he can't stop me because of my passion for the hair thing, he has to let me be.


For the benefit of our readers, pleases let's meet you
My name is Mary Omatei Omale from Auke, Apa LGA, Benue State. I was born in Bauchi State to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Omale Inegedu in Bauchi State. I am the fourth child out of the family of seven, raised in Npoll Plateau State. I had my primary education at Npoll Barracks Primary School, secondary education at Holy Rosary College Adoka, Benue State. I later went to Benue State University. My first degree was in History (B.A History), I am still running my Masters of Arts degree in History. I am the owner of Oma’s Wigs and Extensions, operating presently at Makurdi, Benue State.

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Good job oma.. The skies are waiting