Monday, 24 July 2017

Latest Designs, Styles and Color of Trendy Aso-Oke


Aso Oke is the most prevalent traditional wedding attire worn by the Nigerian (Yoruba) brideNo bride will want any guest to take her shine  away from them on her wedding day. This is why brides are now slaying attires which they know will be impossible for a guest to wear.

Not just any aso oke, we mean the fully stoned and pearled asooke. These aso oke will be so impossible for any guest to wear as the price alone will send you looking the other way.

No doubt these attires are stunning when you see them on brides which is why their prices are not cheap.

For a full bridal  attire  you should be budgeting around 400-500k. If you choose to add your husband’s Agbada you should budget 700k.

For just gele and ipele without the groom's cap, is N70,000  and above. With the cap probably 100k.
You see why we are sure no wedding guest would want to turn up at your wedding in as oke.

See beautiful images of aso oke styles below ...

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